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Membership Consultant

My Story

When did you start training at TF?


  • I started training at Team Fitness about a year ago and I have enjoyed every minute of it. 


What do you do when you train


  • I love going to BodyPump or cycle but I also love to write up my own sessions mostly utilising kettlebells. I always enjoy any workout which makes me sweat. 


Favorite part about training 


  • My favorite thing about training is the feeling afterward… the sense of accomplishment and clarity. I love pushing my own limits every time and knowing I am constantly improving myself both physically and mentally. 

What do you do outside the gym? 


  • Either studying or cooking/baking for my friends and family. I am still at school so a lot of my time is put into studying but I always try to cram in some time for baking. It always puts me in such a good mood when I see others enjoying my baked goods. My specialty is definitely apple and sourcream slice or banana muffins. 


Favorite movie

  • My favorite movie is definitely “Hidden Figures” - must watch for anyone!


Favorite food

  • My favorite meal has to be a black bean burrito bowl with loads of tomatoes or a tofu stirfry.


Favorite song 

  • My favorite song is always changing but at the moment it would have to be “helpless” by k.d. Lang or “I Got You” by Jack Johnson.