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Body & Health Overhaul Testimonials

Find out what our 2023 participants said

Thank you Chris, you have literally changed my life!

                                                                                                        Maz, 41

I am a woman about to turn 50 and at a time in my life where hormones are playing up and what worked before, was not working now. I went to a nutritionist who mentioned that I was already fit and eating well and that was just a part of life. But I refused to accept that ! 


I started the 12 wks Overhaul thinking I had nothing to lose and I did lose...!  7kg of fat but not only that, I maintained muscle mass, gained strength and lowered my blood pressure. This complete program focuses on exercise, nutrition, mobility and overall well-being. The audios accompanying the challenge are very informative and provide you with a summary of years of research and understanding of the health industry. But for me, the unconditional support I received from Chris, and the entire team, since day 1, has been incredible. Whether it was a smile acknowledging hard work, words of encouragement, training or nutritional advice or just listening, they have been with me through this journey where I have never felt alone. 


Achieving those results have required commitment and work but has been totally worth it. Sometimes I felt I was not making progress, sometimes it was hard to put my runners on and train but now I feel great and confident that I'm entering this next 50 years in the best shape I can be, both mentally and physically. I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone. You can do this and you are worth it !!! 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Miche, 49

The support I have recieved from all the team has been amazing, thank you to the front desk, the trainers, the massage therapists and the chiro and physio.  What a program, what a team!

                                                                                Kay, 37

Where to start on this feedback.  So this isn’t the first time I have done the 12 week Overhaul.  Around 14 years ago Chris trained me through my first 12 week challenge.  The results I got then were amazing, and that lead in to a solid decade of good training and eating.  It got me so focused and educated in the methods that I ended up running multiple 100k ultra marathons.


So when I signed up for this 12 week Overhaul I knew the program worked, but this time I was much older, far more stubborn, and in far worse condition (I blame COVID, totally wasn’t me being lazy).


From the outset of the program I could see Chris has learnt a lot since my first Overhaul.  The diet is more refined and tasty, training programs tailored to the individual and the daily health advice is so useful.  Specific feedback from me though, the mobility work has been a game changer.  I have had lower back pain most of my adult life.  Through all of my training, running ultras etc I have battled through back pain.  In fact a lot of my laziness has come from getting fed up with being in pain.  Within the first two weeks of this Overhaul program, and me following the mobility work every day, my back pain was close to gone.  I still have flair ups, but now I have the tools to manage it.  I can’t stress enough how much of a change this is, daily pain is almost gone, and if it is there I can deal with it in just 15 to 20min and get on with my day.  This has meant I am able to lift heavier weights than I have ever done before.  And even better, I am out on my dirt bike every other weekend enjoying life!


I honestly can’t recommend this enough.  If you are prepared to make a change for the better then I would say it is time to sign up! It is so worth it!

  Dave, 42

Not only did I get an easy to follow training and nutritional plan, I learnt about getting better sleep, controlling my nervous system, improving the way I move, reducing back pain and heaps of misconceptions around training and nutrition. This was the most comprehesive program I have done and Id recommend it to everyone.

                                                                    Darren , 49

This program has been amazing for me.  Its frustrating to realise how much time I have wasted in the gym before I did this program.  What I have learned along the way has been incredible.  The hours of reasearch that Chris has put in and the effort to make sure its delivered in a great way was worth every cent!

                                            Paul, 36

I procastinated too long; the program really gave me the jump start I needed to improving my health. I don't use apps alot but this one worked well and was tailored to suit my needs. Chris provided some valuable insights and was very supportive and quick to respond to any queries I had; well worth the investment.

                                              Sadie, 52

The Overhaul for me came as a surprise as I had been waiting for an appointment with Chris for a strength program and out of the blue he mentioned he had a 12 week program starting and would I be interested?


I didn’t have to be asked twice as I hadn’t trained in the gym since Covid and was looking for a kick start & motivation.


My first light bulb moment was in initial assessment when I said I couldn’t be bothered eating regularly which showed I didn’t get much protein! Chris said with all my outside exercising I needed to feed my body and I replied that my body was still doing everything I asked of it - he said your body will do anything you ask of it but it will compromise your body composition in the process, particularly muscle breakdown.  I was shocked as my body has been so good to me over many years and here I was not giving it what it needed!


The goal of the Overhaul program for me became forming healthy habits happening in my life on a daily basis & continuing onwards long after the 12 weeks. 


I had done challenges in the past and found I wasn’t organised and tended to eat the same few foods daily as it was easy and hated them by the end of 12 weeks.


This time I went in with a very positive attitude of putting the work in & getting the best possible results for my body.


The TEAM Fitness App I absolutely adored as I’m a tick the box person so not a day went by where I didn’t do what was required. It also gives you accountability & feeling cared for knowing that someone is invested in your health & fitness & checking your results and being there for support. 


The Recipes were a surprise- there were many recipes to choose from and they were good -  I utilised every single recipe to keep the variety happening throughout my Overhaul - breakfast for dinner, dinner for lunch, lunch for breakfast - snack for lunch - just continually mixed them up. Easy to take to work, Muslie & Fruit, Breaky Shake, Toast on the run. Snack shake, Rice cake break, Salmon sandwich, Chicken wrap - just meant getting organised before hand.


Alcohol - I dropped at home as I realised it was a habit of having a drink when I was bored or watching TV.

I enjoyed social catch ups during the Overhaul - with one glass of wine, steak and veggies - it worked for me.


My Strength Program - it has been so enjoyable in the sense of being back working out in the Gym - great to work hard, connecting with other members & Overhaul participants. 


My results were way above my expectations - kept muscle mass while losing body fat - ate 4 meals a day & lost 5 kilos & much more - I feel strong, motivated & healthy.  


A month on I have chosen to still work with the App and my daily habits are still in place leading me into a longer & healthier life span for my children & grandchildren. 


I recommend this Overhaul to all of you for one reason or another - there is just so much to gain in knowledge, health & fitness, wellbeing, weight loss, new habits and the knowledge that someone is looking out for you to succeed.

                                                                                                                                                                         Lyn, 64

​I loved the 12 week Overhaul! I’ve learned information that will stay with me for the rest of my life, and I have a routine that works for me. Chris is incredibly supportive and tailors the program to you. I’m pleased to have improved my results on all the measurements (weight loss, strength, flexibility, etc) during the challenge. Thank you!

                                                                                                Sammy, 39

The Overhaul was a structured way to reset and work towards my fitness goals. I was surprised at how easily I could incorporate the training and diet into my exisiting program. Thanks!

                                                                                       Erin, 26

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