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Personal Training

PT is the best thing you can do to achieve your goals. With our experienced Trainers you'll get the best advice possible


Every session you do with your personal trainer is focussed on your own personal needs, goals and areas of interest.   You will be given effective advice on ways to accelerate towards your goals, as well as practical solutions to things you may be finding difficult.  Personal training with TEAM Fitness allows you to tap into the wealth of knowledge of all our professional trainers.  This individual focus is certainly the best way for you to see fast results

Intense Training

Your PT

Personal  training involves a lot more than  just one session each week.   You trainer will make sure you know what you need to be doing from the time you leave the gym to when you see your trainer the following week. This includes an exercise program with a balance of weights and cardio , depending on your goal, as well as information and guidelines on how to structure you nutrition and lifestyle to increase your results.  Personal training sessions provide a unique opportunity to learn a lot more about healthy living and making your results last a lifetime.

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