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Focus on recovery and restoration with our Remedial Massage team.

What is Remedial Massage

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Remedial Massage is a manual therapy modality that focuses on improving the condition of the body’s soft tissues and can assist in the treatment of many musculoskeletal conditions. Typical goals of a Remedial Massage session are to improve mobility, increase circulation and reduce pain to help an individual return to normal function and posture. Remedial Massage therapy is also very popular for athletes and physically active people to assist in recovery from training and competition, improve mobility specific to their sport, and general injury management.

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90min - $160

60min - $120

45min - $100


Sports Injury
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About Nathan

Nathan has been a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist since 2020 and is registered with Massage & Myotherapy Australia. Treatments with Nathan can be claimed through elligible private health funds. Nathan’s interest in the human body started at a young age which drove him to follow the elite basketball pathway and eventually enabled him to compete throughout North America over a period of 5 years and train at the NBL level in Australia. Nathan also currently plays for the Canberra Gunners in the NBL1 and for the Belconnen Ramblers in the Canberra Premier 1 League. 


Nathan has been a fitness professional since 2012 and works in the gym every week with his clients to achieve great outcomes with their health and physical performance. Through his experiences as an athlete and fitness professional Nathan has developed a passion for human movement and learned the value of quality and frequent soft tissue care. Nathan’s mission is to enable others to live a healthy, adventurous and fulfilling life and does this by drawing on all of his experiences and education to achieve great outcomes for people in the massage clinic and in the gym.


Nathan dedicates much of his spare time to mountain biking, road cycling, surfing and playing basketball. He loves training in the gym to attack strength goals and prepare his body for an action packed lifestyle. Nathan also enjoys nerding out to books on human movement, health and personal/professional development.

About aaron

Aaron holds a Diploma in Remedial Massage and is resgistered with Massage & Myotherapy Australia. Treatments with Aaron can be claimed through elligible private health funds. Aaron has alo been working as a Personal Trainer for over  4 years here at Team Fitness. Aaron has a long history with with High Performance sport as an athlete training with the ACT Academy of Sport for the last 5 years and has also represented Australia at an Under 21s Level. This has allowed Aaron to develop a deep understanding on what is required for optimal performance and recovery

Aaron has been playing hockey since he was 3 ½ which is over 18 years of hockey!!

Aaron has an interest in lots of sports but more specifically being a Basketball and Soccer fan, supporting the New York Knicks and Chelsea FC.

In the clinic Aaron focusses on creating great oucomes for his clients with a variety of techniques that is achieved though improving range of motion, stimulating recovery or assisting with pain management.

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