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Kettlebells Level 1&2

Cert III in Fitness

Cert IV in Fitness

Senior First Aid Cert

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My Story

Industry experience:

Aaron has been working as a Personal Trainer for 4 years and 3 years here at Team Fitness. You may have seen him around the gym taking Circuit classes, HITT classes, TEAM X, Buddy PT and 1 on 1 PT sessions. Aaron also has experience with High Performance sport as he has been training with the ACT Academy of Sport for the last 5 years and has also represented Australia at an Under 21s Level. This has allowed Aaron to develop lots of different techniques to train clients and help achieve a varying degree of goals.

Hobbies/ interests:

Aaron has been playing hockey since he was 3 ½ which is over 18 years of hockey!!

Aaron has an interest in lots of sports but more specifically being a Basketball and Soccer fan. Supporting the New York Knicks and Chelsea FC


Favourite food:

Aarons Favourite food is NACHOS! Sometimes enjoying them a little too much.

Philosophy on training:

Aarons training philosophy revolves around 3 main principles: Training, Nutrition and Recovery.

If you can keep these 3 things consistent then you will notice some fantastic results in your training.

He also believes in “Consistency of hard work” whether that is relating to intensity of sessions being able to consistently turn up to train it can all be put down to consistency.


"I really enjoyed training with Aaron. He has got me used to using lots of different equipment and a whole range of exercises I had never tried before. He makes a big effort to keep things challenging and interesting and it’s much easier to be motivated when you have someone else keeping you accountable." - Pauline

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