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Body & Health Overhaul

transform yourself

Starts 22nd January 2024

$39.90 p/w

Established in 2002, the TEAM Fitness 12 Week Body & Health Overhaul was the first of its kind. Developed over 20 years ago, TEAM Fitness has had over 1500 participants take part, all achieving amazing results.

The program is about building fitter, stronger, more mobile and healthier people.

Over the past 20 years the program has evolved and developed into the most comprehensive approach to achieve amazing improvements in health & fitness. Through experience, qualifications and staying up to date with the latest research and studies you will see that the program in the 12 Week Challenge is methodical in all aspects.  In that time the program has evolved to a complete Body & Health Overhaul for people taking part!

Now its your turn to not only transform your health but also learn more about training, nutrition, motivation and mobility that you can apply to your long term wellbeing!

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Do you:

  • Want to feel fitter and stronger in your body

  • Want to move better and feel healthier

  • Want to lose a few extra kilos

  • Feel you have low energy levels and a bit stuck with how to change

  • Have joints and muscles feel tired and tight​

  • Keep putting in the work and not seeing the results you want

  • Want to know the key factors to increasing you health span (the time in your life you are in good health & independant)

You will learn:

  • An understanding of how to train effectively with cardio and weight training for the results you want

  • The facts about nutrition and how to incorporate a healthy eating plan long term


  • How to balance training and recovery techniques to feel better everyday and avoiding burn out and injury


  • How to better understand your mindset and motivation so you can make the change long term


  • How to optimise your sleep through better habits and central nervous system awareness


  • Have a complete understanding of how to optimise your body for long term health and live a functional and active life

You will Receive:

Program includes:​

  • Initial health and fitness assessment at the start and end

  • Personalised Nutrition Structure catered to you, your goals and food preferences

  • Comprehensive Training Plan to suit your goals and training preferences

  • Functional Mobility Plan to get your body moving at its best

  • Quality Recovery Plan to assist your body with the best recovery technique

  • Educational information every week to greater understand your health and long term results

  • Access to our TEAM Fitness APP to track your progress daily & record all your workouts

  • 24/7 Access to online support to help you through every part of the program


Included Optional Extras:​

  • Physiotherapy Postural & Mobility Screening session

  • Chiropractic Spinal Health Screening session

  • 50% OFF Massage Voucher with our qualified TEAM Fitness Therapist

And so much more…

Program foundations

This program was developed by Chris Lonsdale who is the Director of TEAM Fitness.  He has been in the industry for over 20 years working mainly in Australia but also having experience in in New Zealand, the US and the UK fitness industry. During his time in the industry Chris has worked in over 100 gyms as a contractor and freelancing which provided him with some great exposure in the industry to see what works and what does not in terms of people achieving results.  Early on in his fitness career he saw that it was very obvious that so many people were trying their hardest to get results yet were doing the wrong type of training. This coupled with following the wrong nutritional plan for their desired results and no recovery and mobility focus to compliment their weekly training. The 12 week Challenge was born and at the time was the first of its kind. Over the years it has been improved and developed based on evolving research in the fields of training, nutrition and recovery and it is the most comprehensive program to help you achieve your results.

As a part of the 12 Week Body & Health Overhaul, participants have the option of working with our large team of personal trainers, quality massage therapists, physiotherapist and a chiropractor.

"I am extremely passionate about helping people achieve the best health in their life.  I believe everyone has the ability to increase their health span by the actions that they take today and I enjoy supporting people to choose the best and most effective ways to do that.

I will be personally working with you every day of this Body & Health Overhaul to assist you get the most out of this program."

Yours in health,

Chris Lonsdale

Cert 4 Fitness, Dip Fitness, Degree Phys Ed (Major Sport Science, Nutrition)

Results and testimonials

“This is the most comprehensive approach to long term results that is achievable and realistic for anyone.”

 - Dave, 35

“Finally, a program that combines real world experience with long term study and research to provide an easy to follow fitness package.”                            

 - Toni, 42

“I had so much confusion around eating and training, now it’s just simple and I have a great structure to follow every day of every week!”                                              

 - Pete, 31

“Working with Chris has really helped me turn my life around and I have now started to enjoy fitness training again and would recommend this program to everyone!”                                        

 - Patti, 57

“This 12 week program was amazing, I loved every part of it and it has totally transformed my body and my health!”                                        

 - Chris, 26

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Frequently Asked Questions

Im going away within the 12 week period, is it still worth it?

This program prides itself on enabling people to learn how to balance all things in life that come up and still achieve great results!  The fact is that in life things happen, we go on holidays, we get sick, we have busy weeks and so on, yet it is so important to have a plan on how you can still take steps towards long term results even when these life events happen.


I have food intolerances or preferences?

This program works around all food intolerances or preferences so you nutritional plan will be specific to you.

Do I need experience with training?

This program has proven to be effective on total beginners through to ex elite athletes. Your training will be modified for every individuals experience and you will have the support of your coach every day with any questions you may have

I like certain types of training, can I still do that?

Yes! If you are enjoying certain types of training that moves your body then that is fantastic and you can still do that. In this program you will however have to incorporate some resistance training into your week as that is without doubt the most important form of training for long term health. This may be in the form of body weight work or weight training.

I don't have much weight to lose, is it worth taking part?

This program is not a weight loss program or a muscle building program, its a program designed to improve your overall health. Depending on your goals you can definitely lose weight or gain muscle and that will all be dependant on what you want and the program will be personally designed for you to do that. You will also get fitter, stronger, more mobile, have more energy and so many more long term health benefits. 


Feel free to reach out with any questions that you may have about the program!

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