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Find out more about TEAM Fitness from clients who have worked with us!

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My first experience with TEAMFitness began in 2005.  My husband brought home a flyer advertising aBody TransformationChallenge. I had had my 3rd child 6 months earlier, and was getting depressed and frustrated by my inability to lose all the weight I had gained through pregnancy (plus I had been battling with being overweight most of my life). It was a really tough decision for me to enter theTEAM FitnessChallenge–I was extremely self conscious and not at all confident in a gym environment.   Participating in the program with the professional support ofTEAM Fitness meant I didn’t need to worry about my inexperience in the gym. The trainers were very helpful and supportive.I have been successful losing weight in the past–but each time I have regained the weight. My experience with the challenge was different. I didn’t have the very rapid weight loss initially–it was steady at about a kilo a week. I did not plateau and the rate of weight loss actually increased as the program progressed.  Losing quite a bit of weight in a relatively short period of time meant I didn’t lose motivation and combining nutrition and exercise meant the weight has stayed off.  Within a few weeks of starting the program with TEAM FitnessI knew this was not going to be a‘fad’. It was going to be a new (and much better) way of life. Part of that would mean investing in a personal trainer and for most of the past 5 years I have. The benefit of a trainer is considerable for me.Accountability is probably number one. I have someone watching out forme; each session is gruelling, so if I don’t do some hard yards in between sessions, I’ll pay dearly. Trainers have also provided me with great support.I am far more confident in the gym now and can design my own programs,  incorporating exercises from my PT sessions.I am so glad I started training with TEAM Fitness. It really has been lifechanging for me. I have gone to being relatively inactive and unfit, to doing5 or so sessions a week with much improved fitness. I know I am a much better role model for my children in terms of both nutrition and fitness. I am thrilled that it is now 5 years since my initial weight loss and I have managed to maintain that loss.


What was your initial motivation take up personal training with TEAM Fitness?

I was a long term member of the gym, and was looking to learn more about fitness, as well as a new challenge. I could aIso see the good results that were being achieved by people working with TEAM Fitness. I did my first Body Transformation Challenge in 2008 and was very happy with the program, the support I was given, and the initial results I achieved (even though I didn’t get everything right in that first attempt). I was hooked and wanted to do and learn more, so I took up personal training with Chris.


- Had you trained previously with another fitness company?



  • If yes, how has your experience with TEAM Fitness compared?



  • What have been the most significant changes to your lifestyle that TEAM Fitness has influenced?

It’s been a fantastic journey training with Chris and TEAM Fitness (and I do see it as a journey). Each new “on” season I am able to achieve better results than the last one. That is because I am able to build on what I’ve learnt previously and use that experience and discipline to aim a little bit higher. That’s where the journey comes in - you need to gradually build in all areas – training, nutrition, understanding how to get results and mental discipline. I am very pleased with the results I’ve achieved physically – I’m fitter, stronger and leaner (and in better nick than most people half my age). I love that! I have probably learned the most about the importance of nutrition – I’ve always been a pretty healthy eater, but I’ve learned a huge amount about how much difference a structured eating plan makes. Nutrition is probably the biggest challenge and takes time and practice to achieve. The changes that I have made from training with TEAM Fitness and the results I have achieved are definitely for life; I wouldn’t give it up for anything.


  • What areas of personal training do you find most beneficial?

(E.g. Actual training session, accountability, nutrition advice, regular program updates etc)


I regularly say that the best part of the day is my session at the gym. I love all aspects of personal training. Every personal training session is different – in 2 years I have never done the same session twice. I love the accountability, nutrition advice, and the variations in my programs. For me, the structure provided through personal training is very much the key to achieving results. I do hate the rowing machine however!! 


- Have you taken part in any of TEAM Fitness’ specialty programs?

(Eg. Body Transformation Challenge, 50 Days of Discipline, City to Surf Training, BOOT CAMP etc?


Yes – 3 Body Transformation Challenges



- What was your overall experience of this program?

  (please include program content, supply, quality for money, end results etc)


Each challenge was better than the previous one in terms of the structure and support provided by TEAM Fitness. A lot of work has obviously gone into planning the challenges!  I’ve seen great results achieved by many participants. In my opinion great value for money, and more importantly great value for your life!


It’s been a fantastic journey training with Chris and TEAM Fitness.  I did my first Body Transformation Challenge in 2008 and since then each season I have built on the previous which has enabled me to continue to achieve better results.


I’m fitter, stronger and leaner, and in better nick than most people half my age. I love that!


Nutrition is probably the biggest challenge and takes time and practice to achieve, but the steps TEAM Fitness has given me and the changes that I have made along the way by following a structured and nutritional sound plan means the results I’ve achieved are definitely for life; I wouldn’t give it up for anything.


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