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My Story

What do you do for your training?

  • - Brynn mostly does weights training as it helps him to stay fit and healthy for basketball 


What do you do outside the Gym?

  • - Brynn plays division 1 basketball here in Canberra. He and Nathan play in the same team 

Favourite thing about training

  • - Brynn’s favourite thing about training is the benefit he gets for both his Physical and Mental Health

Favourite movie?

  • - When first asked this question Brynn took a while to answer as he has so many favourites. He eventually said that he enjoys the Jason Bourne series the most but only the first 3 movies in the series though.

Favourite food

  • - Chicken pasta is a favourite Dish Brynn has however he didn't mention if he thinks Pineapple belongs on pizza or not


Fun fact that only a few people know about you?

  • - Brynn also has a half brother & sister

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