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ASCA Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach

Powerlifting Australia Level 1 Coach

Diploma of Remedial Massage

Cert III in Fitness

Cert IV in Fitness

First Aid and CPR

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My Story

Industry Experience:

Nathan has been involved with the fitness industry since 2012 and has worked across several different roles. He has enjoyed a wide range of sports throughout his life but placed a major focus on basketball which has taken him around Australia and overseas. Nathan has trained at the NBL level in Australia and currently plays for the Canberra Gunners in the NBL1, as well as for the Belconnen Ramblers in the Canberra Premier 1 League. Along his journey through elite basketball and continuing into his experience playing college basketball in Canada, Nathan learned a lot about training and cemented a real passion for fitness. As an elite athlete Nathan has had exposure to top level strength and conditioning training which shaped his understanding of fitness and gave him detailed knowledge on methods to achieve the best results. Nathan has also been mentored by some of Australia’s leading Strength and Conditioning coaches at the AIS in the Centre Of Excellence and NBA Academy basketball programs, from the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association, and from Powerlifting Australia

Hobbies & Interests 

Nathan's favourite activities are basketball, surfing and all kinds of cycling/mountain biking. He also loves attacking strength goals in the gym to improve his sports performance and to contribute to an active lifestyle.

Philosophy on results

Nathan believes the best results come from clear goals and a well-planned approach to training and nutrition. Nathan can help you eliminate any guesswork to ensure that your efforts are as efficient and effective as possible. Training should be fun so sessions with Nathan will be enjoyable and interesting while providing the challenge you need to get great results. Whether your goals are related to weightloss, wellbeing, or performance, Nathan will work with you to make these goals a reality!

"I really enjoy TFC because it’s got a great culture, lots of choice of equipment and great support from the PTs, and my fitness, health and wellbeing have improved lots since I started." - Aditya

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